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Bubble Wraps

Sweet Scoops signature bubble wrap

is like a Vanilla Waffle meets Funnel Cake. 

It is served steaming hot and then sprinkled with powdered sugar then topped with your Frozen treat either "Scooped or Blended".

Then Toppped and Drizzled with the topping and Drizzle of your choice

What seperates us from the other guys is our custom infusions process.

Choose an Icecream or multiple Icecreams an Toppings to be Infused.

Our process takes the combinations and simultaneously seperates the ingrediants and puts them back together  spinning the air out of the ice cream creating a creamier end product with a elevated flavor profile.

What makes us great!

Get Creative

    At Sweet Scoops Blender Bar your not just limited with basic Ice cream flavors you would get an a Basic Ice Cream Shop.

    At Sweet Scoops you can get creative as possible with your custom blending process infusing Ice Creams and topping into your own Preimium Ice Cream Blends.

    With our Insuion process the Flavor profile is in your hands. 

   Dont feel overwhelmed with our options. 

    Anything you put togtehr is going to be Amazing

Photo Ice Cream Dessert Menu (1).jpg

Customer Creations

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